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Today the service Yandex.Music introduced an option for users to upload music and albums of different authors. As reported, this measure will allow expand the service’s content, including works of the authors, who have not registered their rights. The right holders which cooperate with Yandex in the sphere of musical content distribution oppose this improvement. They believe it will cause massive copyright infringement and content piracy. However, representatives of Yandex claim that they also developed a measure of content protection. They created system similar to Content ID employed by YouTube. Source: Vedomosti.ru
Roskomnadzor started to slow down pirate seedings of torrent trackers, restricting access to servers responsible for downloading. Blocking of torrent servers via IP addresses allows decelerating seedings, since a torrent client stops receiving information of the downloading source. Source: Izvestia.ru
Russian authorities prepared a law draft which forbids software allowing circumvention of website blockings. The law draft obliges anonymizers and VPN to block websites from the registry of forbidden websites of Roskomnadzor. In case of non-compliance these resources will be blocked as well. Besides, the law draft obliges search engines to remove links to websites blocked for illegal information distribution. Fines for non-compliance may reach 700,000 rubles. At the moment the law draft is being discussed by the representatives of the industry. They consider it necessary to control that no infringement of rights of law-abiding users would occur. Source: vedomosti.ru
RAEC requested the State Duma speaker to control the proposal of the Ministry of Culture on non-judicial blocking. The representatives of RAEC believe that this measure cannot guarantee impartial judgment, since it shall be performed by the administrative authority in regard of economic disputes. It also does not allow the website’s owner to protect himself against this measure. As reported, the head of the State Duma Committee on information policy shall take into consideration the opinion of the Internet industry. Source: izvestia.ru